One Card

Consolidate your organization's spend with a single card program for all expenses.

Whom it's for

Organizations that want a single card program for any type of spend, from travel to everyday business expenses.

How it works

One Card offers businesses the flexibility to manage all expenses—from everyday purchases to travel and entertainment—with a single card program that’s supported by chip cards with both signature and PIN authorizations. Our scalable solution can align with your expense management needs.




Increase Flexibility with a Single Program

Whether you are looking to utilize a card program for specific purchases or want an all-in-one solution for any type of spend, our One Card program can meet your needs.



Simplify Management and Reporting

Our flexible, web-based tools can help make transaction reporting and data management more efficient. Monitor card usage with a range of control options, extensive reporting and integration with your accounting or ERP system.



Build Long-Term Value

Our team can help you analyze your organization’s data, build a business case that supports your payment strategy, learn from industry best practices, assess your program's past performance and recommend strategic adjustments as your needs evolve.

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