Integrated Receivables

Automate accounts receivable, reduce DSO and improve your working capital with configurable solutions that work in conjunction with your back office systems.

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With availability in more than 25 countries and 24 currencies, you can utilize Integrated Receivables solutions in major business hubs around the world.


As a leader in the receivables industry with long-standing expertise, we helped originate wholesale lockbox more than 60 years ago.


Our Integrated Receivables solution is 100 percent owned by the firm and vertically integrated in order to deliver a seamless experience from end-to-end, including implementation and support.

What We Do


Take advantage of vertically integrated payment processing solutions that are scalable to meet your business needs and designed to deliver a seamless experience, from implementation to long-term support. The flexibility to choose the options and unique reconciliation rules your organization requires helps optimize overall effectiveness and reduce costs—results you can see in your bottom line.

Improve Working Capital

Experience better bottom-line results with integrated receivables solutions that are configured to your company’s needs and scaled to its growth. Each solution provides key capabilities at every step in your receivables process and works in conjunction with your back-office systems—all with automated reconciliation of 85 percent or more and improved DSO.

Protect Your Data

Help defend your organization’s data and that of your clients with an online invoicing portal that employs several techniques and control programs—including password protection and customizable invoice composition—reflecting a firmwide commitment to cybersecurity and data protection.

Collect Faster

Collect from your customers through a variety of electronic and digital payment options. Each can be configured to integrate seamlessly with your invoices, in-person card acceptance and other platforms. We also offer a robust suite of electronic payment receipt capabilities, including US ACH and wire, lockbox, multicurrency ACH, and wires to dozens of countries around the world.

Achieve Greater Accuracy

By reducing or eliminating manual processes, you can expect to experience fewer errors, not to mention reduced costs. That improvement in the visibility and accuracy of your accounts receivable data enables you to forecast more confidently and identify opportunities for improvement. You can also see an improvement in the volume of items that go straight through, while eliminating exception processing on the back-end.

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