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Our fraud-protection products monitor and secure your accounts to protect your employees and your company from becoming victims.

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We recognize that each business has a unique responsibility to protect their finances, as well as the people they serve, from cybercriminals. We proactively work with you to safeguard your data and your accounts.

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Whether you make payments using paper checks, credit cards, ACH or wire transfers—you can be confident in our best-in-class security measures and industry-leading technology.

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Our best-in-class security measures and industry-leading technology help keep your accounts and payments safe.


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Over 60 percent of organizations, both public and private, were targets of fraud scams last year. And not only are fraud attempts becoming more successful, but losses are increasing.

Don’t become a statistic. Minimize your exposure to fraud with our suite of electronic and check fraud-protection services, including:

  • ACH Debit Block
  • ACH Transaction Review
  • Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Post No Check
  • Account Activity Reporting Tools

Our solutions give your business:

  • Enhanced control over payments
  • The ability to review suspect items before payment is released
  • Ongoing training and education about fraud protection

Types of Fraud

Once you understand the ways your business or organization is at risk, you can make better decisions about solutions that can help protect your accounts.

  • Check fraud is the oldest form of depository account fraud. Counterfeit checks, altered checks and forged signatures on checks make up the main categories for check fraud.
  • Wire fraud occurs when someone other than an authorized individual performs a wire transfer to an account that is not intended as the recipient.
  • ACH fraud occurs when an account is accessed for unauthorized ACH payments (debits).
  • Internet fraud takes several forms and is intended to intercept, view or redirect confidential financial information in order to compromise accounts and commit fraud. It often involves situations where customers believe they’re dealing with legitimate websites that are in fact fraudulent.


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