Global Trade

Make trade payments, access liquidity and manage risk.

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Integrated Solutions

What if you could maximize the value of your working capital without negatively impacting your customers or suppliers? Get powerful global solutions, when and where you need them.

Global Network

What if you could speed up the payment cycle and reduce costs while also streamlining the trade payment process? Tap into our global infrastructure and unrivaled banking network to benefit from a full spectrum of trade payment and risk management tools.

A Team of Experts by Your Side

What if you could harness industry developments and insights to build unique advantages for your business? Rely on subject matter experts to navigate the trends, challenges and opportunities in your markets.

The Details

Traditional Trade

Leverage our global infrastructure and unrivaled banking network to benefit from a full spectrum of trade payment and risk management tools.

Whether you need to issue letters of credit, provide guarantees, facilitate trade document collection or seek to automate manual processes, our local expertise and global network can help convert day-to-day trade transaction management into your competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Finance

Meet your working capital, risk mitigation and cash flow objectives with a full spectrum of open account financing solutions. You may be able to:

  • Strengthen supplier relationships and secure supplies of key materials while improving working capital performance
  • Optimize the financing costs of your extended supply chain
  • Strategically manage increasing sales volumes and internal credit limits against key buyers
  • Gain visibility into transactions with real-time or scheduled reporting utilizing our proprietary platform

Export Finance

Execute strategic transactions with syndicated, medium- and long-term trade finance solutions, and leverage a unique combination of tools including export credit agencies (ECAs), capital markets structures and market-leading global advisory expertise. Some of our solutions include:

  • Export credit agency and multilateral-backed financing
  • Medium- and long-term finance structures
  • Syndicated, medium- and long-term trade-related loans
  • Working Capital Guarantee Program/Export-Import Bank

Leverage our customized, cost-effective export financing solutions as a powerful tool to compete in the global marketplace.


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