Tenant Lease Security Services

We offer customized tenant lease security services for real estate owners, agents and managers of multifamily residential, commercial and cooperative properties.

Tenant Lease Security Services

If you're a landlord, building agent or property manager, you know how time consuming and complicated it can be to process tenant lease security deposits. 

We can help answer questions and ease your administrative burden by expediting new accounts, deposits and withdrawals and by promptly addressing your tenant lease security needs.

How Tenant Lease Security Works

We open an interest-bearing Tenant Lease Security (TLS) Deposit account for you that complies with all applicable state and federal regulations. You control access to your account and authorize all withdrawals, so your security deposits remain secure.

For additional information, contact TLS Customer Service at 1-800-343-4358.

For Current Clients

You can download forms for Chase tenant lease security services below.

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