Jeff Monahan

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Jeff Monahan

Jeff Monahan
Los Angeles Multifamily Lending
(562) 434-3065

“To build long term client relationships by exceeding expectations and providing exceptional, continually improving customer service.”

With a career spanning 30 years in multifamily lending, Jeff Monahan and his team are responsible for building some of the largest Chase multifamily relationships in the nation. With the quickest loan turnaround closing time in 2017 , Jeff gives the credit to his team of highly competent professionals. With Team Monahan, customer service is not a cliché. Our clients expect and deserve the ultimate in service. Whether you are an established multifamily owner with multiple buildings or just starting out, growing portfolios requires a competent, responsive, and experienced lender. Building portfolios and providing a superior level of customer service are passions for this team. Jeff fully appreciates both the opportunities and unique challenges of multifamily ownership.
In his free time, Jeff is a boater, pilot and general outdoor enthusiast.

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