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2018 Housing Summit

5 Insights on the Mortgage Business Today

Learn what’s impacting supply and demand in the mortgage industry and how mortgage businesses can prepare for the future.
August 23, 2018

The mortgage industry is going through challenging times, with rising interest rates, increased competition, and disruption from fintechs and other businesses that can offer lower rates, faster time to market and less expensive processing. As the industry evolves, here are five insights from leaders in Chase and J.P. Morgan’s home lending division, commercial bank and investment bank that focus on how to move business forward during changing times.

1. Headwinds in the Mortgage Industry


2. Investment in Digital Channels


3. A Long-Term View of the Purchase Market


4. Introducing Single Security


5. Moving Financial Institutions Forward


Discussion panel
Amy Bonitatibus, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Chase Home Lending, discusses what’s next for the mortgage industry with Mike Weinbach, CEO of Chase Home Lending; Liam Sargent, Head of J.P. Morgan Mortgage Banking Capital Markets; and Travis Machen, Head of J.P. Morgan’s Financial Institutions Group, Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries.


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