How Social Are C-Suite Executives?
Business Leaders’ Opinions About Social Media

How Social Are
C-Suite Executives?

Business Leaders’ Opinions About Social Media

In a survey of the JPMorgan Chase Executive Advisory Board,
88% of business leaders indicate that they use social media
Business L eaders Are Increasingly Connected and Mobile
Fr equency of social media use: Daily use 1– 3 times per week 1– 3 times per month L ess than once per month Neve r Social media use by device: 86 % 85 % 46 % Smar tphone Computer T ablet 43 % 30 % 15 % 7 % 5 %
The number of executives using social media daily for
business is up 5 percentage points since 2016
Social Media Is a Ke y T ool for Business
T op three reasons executives use social media: 51 % Hiring and recruitin g 54 % Networkin g 55 % Marketing their businesses
Using social media to hire and recruit qualified candidates is
up 12 percentage points since 2016
Executives use these marketing tactics on social media: 84 % Raising brand awareness 61 % Product marketin g 52% Adver tising and promotions 4 9% Building customer loyalt y 41 % L ead generation
The number of executives using social media for lead generation
is up 5 percentage points since 2016
Poll Question
How do you use social media to market
your business?
54 % 37 % 22 % 79 % LinkedIn T witter Fa cebook 17 % Instagram 17 % Google+ 40 % Y ouT ube Blogs T op social media channels used by the C-suite:
LinkedIn continues to be the preferred social media platform
for executives, while YouTube has gained traction as video
content becomes more prevalent across platforms
LinkedIn Is a T ool for Networking, Recruiting
Business leaders use LinkedIn to: 65 % Grow their network 50% Recruit 39% Connect with clients 39% Belong to groups 35 % Search for prospects 29% Connect with prospects 24 % Research competitors 22% Share content with network 15 % Participate in groups
Executives are using LinkedIn to search for and connect with
business prospects
44% of executives encourage their sales teams to have a LinkedIn profile
Sales teams are using LinkedIn to: 33 % Follow companies 32 % Search for companies 30 % Add connections 27 % Join groups 22 % Facilitate introductions 17 % Generate leads 15 % Send InMail messages
Sales teams are using LinkedIn to target companies and reach
and engage with sales prospects

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